01 February, 2011


I am not sure I like them. I had to go in today and get some meds to go on top of the Wellbutrin to help with the anxiety issues I was having.
Still, I have this ringing in my ears problem which is one of those 'rare' side affects and I HATE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE IT'S SO DAMN LOUD!!

Yes, I DID mean to yell because I am that annoyed with it. :(

I think it's because I'm sick, and I have an underlying issue. I had some ringing back in June that was this bad, right after I was sick for a couple of weeks.. They said it'd go away in a couple of weeks, but it never fully did. So now it's back with a vengeance right when everyone here is starting to feel crummy. Well wait, no... only my son isn't feeling crummy, maybe my second daughter isn't feeling too bad. Okay, well I know for sure that EX is sick, I am getting sick, youngest isn't feeling so great, and neither am I.

We're going to give the Wellbutrin three weeks before we know for sure if it is/isn't going to work for me. Dear god three weeks is a really long time! Okay okay, we're giving it two more weeks from tomorrow. >.> That is when my next appointment is with the one that prescribed my meds...
Tomorrow I get to see J.W again.

I'm nervous! How will she react to what I tell her? I don't even know if she knows how to handle someone with BPD and if she doesn't then I have to look for someone who does and that... I don't know, the idea is rather upsetting to say the least.

My  head hurts, and my ears ringing are driving me nuts.. and I'm just really annoyed with everything right now. I want a nap, I do, a nap and snuggles and hair stroking and hugs and... >.> Someone else to do laundry and crap so I don't have to.....
Actually I did fold two loads of laundry last night, and did the dishes.. >.> Of course this still leaves me with two more loads in my room to fold and another in the dryer but that's mostly school uniform stuff so I can just have the girls make sure that stuff gets put on hangers and thrown away.

Fsking hell, I think I'd rather be depressed than deal with my ears like this!!!

I'm off to go further research ways to try and lesson the stupid ringing!


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