28 February, 2011

I guess I forgot

That I actually can drive rather well in the snow.
I woke up this morning at 8:09 and gasped! "Kids! we're gonna be!!..... Oh.. wait.. It's Monday.. Nevermind!" Then I went back to sleep. None of them were awake yet.
Monday, the girls don't start until 10:00, which means we still had time.
9:00 AM rolled around and I prepped myself to face the snowy wasteland that is my driveway, -_-;

Only, I came outside and saw less snow than there should have been considering the forecast from yesterday. The whole storm warning and all that? I woke up to rain/slushing and their being less snow on the ground. THANK whoever in the universe is listening for that one!

So I shovel up the slush, and put down de-icer for the ice, go back inside and make sure that the youngest eats, at this point the oldest two have already and my son didn't want to before we left. Okay..

I went back out to get up some of the melted ice before we left, and managed the drive just fine. I remember this, even though I just learned how to do this back in November. I CAN do this stuff. I just didn't for a few weeks because we had no snow, and then last week because I was a giant wreck.

I got gas, got back home, watched some TV with the youngest while my son played downstairs on the PS2. Did lunch, got him to school and then knocked over K-mart.. *KIDDING!* and got a few things. Found they overcharged me by scanning one of the sale dresses I got the girls twice. Ugh, so I'll have to return after picking up the 2nd one and the boy one... :P  So that they can process the refund, yes I know it's only $5, but.. yeah.. >.> that's a little over a gallon and a half of gas. So.. it counts darn it.

*shakes fist*

I got some discounted Valentines day chocolate for the kiddos, a cute sweater for the boy one, a dress for each girlie, and the youngest ones dress came with a dress for her baby doll. She's thrilled with it.

Nothing really exciting going on.

I slept like hell last night.

BF called me from Sydney, we talked for over an hour. Right now he's texting me, waiting at the airport to board his plane. My stomach is in knots. Though if that's because I've only had 165 calories today, or from nervousness, I'm not really sure anymore.

I stayed up until after midnight on the phone, crashed until 1:30, woke up, for 20 minutes, fell back asleep, woke back up at 3:30, fell asleep for a little tiny bit, and then was up and unable to sleep again until 6. Went back to sleep at 6, and didn't get out of bed until 9 like I said.

My dear god, tonight for sure I will be taking a trazadone and getting decent sleep so that I am not a zombie girl when BF gets here tomorrow afternoon.

One more sleep.

One more sleep.

Lets hope the snow continues to go away.

I think it's because he's coming. The snow came when he left, and it's leaving now that he comes back.
Maybe  I am reading too much into it, but it makes me happy to.

Tuesday, the next one, is Kindergarten registration for the youngest! My goodness! I didn't expect it to be so soon! So I have to dig up her immunization records, and birth certificate, and make sure she can write her name. Ah!

Next year, all the kids will be in school. I will have a few hours a day all too myself.

Uninterrupted homework time? I'm thinking so!



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