27 February, 2011


Edited up my drawings for class, took a bit but I think the edits do make them look better overall.
I still have that assignment due tomorrow that I haven't touched. But it's technically only 50min worth of work.

EX is going to be my model again, so I get to do them after he's off work. I may practice some random ones of the kids. Just so I can get better at drawing in under a minute. I actually need to draw 9 drawings in under a minute.

3 standing, 3 sitting, 3 action poses.. Yikes!

Pressure much?


My shoulders are knotted as heck, and I'm just sitting here watching TV. Hey, at least I left my room. Right? That's a  big thing for me. My bedroom is my safe spot, in the entire world the bedroom is my absolute safe spot. That's so annoying and sad that I can admit that. -_-;;

I may take BF's advice and go to bed early. Well early for me. Does 10:10PM count as early to anyone else?
I'm exhausted even though I took a nap here on the couch earlier while the kiddos played toys or video games. I woke up off and on, but man... I feel so absolutely awful.

I didn't eat breakfast or dinner today. I had lunch, obviously because we went out, the kids ate dinner because I made them dinner. I dunno why I didn't. Oh wait. Yes, I do, because I was busy drawing. Woo.

I really don't want to have to try and drive tomorrow. I know I've done it before, but I don't know why I just have this awful feeling about doing it.

Snow, please go away.

Oh well, it's not all bad. Right?

Somehow, this isn't all that bad..


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