15 November, 2012

I struggle still

I'm tired of meds... I'm tired of not feeling 100% ... or maybe this is the way I am supposed to feel?
Ugh, I never know any more.

I don't write here much because my other blog... gets.. I don't even know. It's a different style of blog than this.
One where I don't vent nearly as much... I don't... I can't even get into  it.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing alright. I quit school because I couldn't take it.
My request for SSA was denied.. but I consider trying again. Things are just  difficult to get a handle on... I want to do nothing but sleep really.

Once of my baby mice was found by me severely dehydrated two days ago, and the vet wasn't sure she'd make it. She's thriving now but I've been caring for her pretty much around the clock.. I'm exhausted.

28 March, 2012

Still alive

I'm still alive, and kicking. Actually I've moved over to a new blog entirely and have gone completely off all medication. Went through the most horrific withdrawals from Cymbalta even! Which was pure hell..
No longer in therapy. She kept changing my diagnosis.

I have no real idea what is wrong with me really.
So I'm going with diet changes and dietary supplements to attempt to help myself.

I hope you are all doing well. :)