19 October, 2011


I haven't had therapy for two weeks now, because Dr. L hasn't been there.
Just my luck huh?
I am going to probably tell her not to bother, and to take on my oldest just because I think at this point she needs it more. Or something. Or because I'm angry, and she can kiss my ass.

I'm also trying to get myself off of Cymbalta, on my own, all over again. Thinking maybe.. just maybe... what if maybe?? Lots of my crap is a magnesium deficiency? So.... I had to wonder that about the kids too! My son's ADHD, the moodiness of the girls and things??

So... I bought some magnesium, and we all had a SMALL dose today, a full dose is 2tsp, we all had 1/4tsp... yeah, though I did feel more calm and a bit more balanced during that part of the day, I am exhausted now. But it HAS been a long day!!!

Tomorrow, I will do 1/2tsp for me, and see how that goes. I think I will keep the kids on the 1/4 for a bit, and see how that does them?? I have no idea, I've read to use up to 200mg or whatever for a kid with ADHD, which.. would be 1.5tsp?? So.. maybe I'll... naw I am gonna go with 1/4 for a week for him, then 1/2?? for a week.. then 3/4.... for a week.. then the 1tsp... and see how he manages. :)

We'll see how we all do.

Assuming I don't die from Cymbalta withdrawal..

Fuck it...

I'm so done with lots of things lately and it's not even funny anymore.

I pulled away from just about everyone but BF and the EX....

Well the kids too..

I deleted all my friends outta my phone.
That was short lived.
Of course it was.

03 October, 2011

I'm full of shit

I didn't just meet FRIENDS.
I meant 'friends' just for the sake of having people to HAVE SEX WITH.
I've been driving out to a place in the middle of fucking nowhere to meet up with people I only knew online.
In the dark of night.
No cell service.
The first time NO ONE knew that I was going there.
Yes, I've been insanely reckless.

I've also been an emotional WRECK.
But I haven't told a fucking lick of it to Dr. L..
WHY?? Because everything has been dominated by making sure that my son gets well on his way into his journey.
She's all like "I don't think you have BPD" umm..
Lady you have NO idea the shit I've been going through that I haven't told you because I wanted to show this strong face to everyone so no one see's how broken I am in light of all the help my son needs..

I am going to tell her on Thursday..

She has no idea what I've been doing to myself and with myself..
Just the little scrap I've been throwing at her.

This'll be a shock to her..All the shit that I've been hiding even from here. Because I pulled away a lot from people in general.

Yes, even though I went and actively searched for people to have sex with.
Yes, that means I had my first experience with a woman, and I slept with a man I'd only known for a total of 4 face to face meetings and only two of those were one on one.

Did it feel good?

The guy was far better than the girl.

Err, and YES my boyfriend knows. He knows every last inch of it and is encouraging and supportive despite it.

Watch me spiral out of control now.
I've crashed emotionally many times over the past two weeks.
It's stupid..
Fuck I'm in such a fucking spot I don't even fucking know and I have fucking no one..