16 February, 2011

Helping him move.

He didn't pack.
At all.
He spent an HOUR building his desk this morning at his new place, and none on packing the past 15 days. None.
We got his dresser, sans drawers moved.
I know that's not easy to move. But we've you've been threatening to do it the majority of the past 13.5 months.

When you've paid the deposit, paid the first months rent, bought yourself furniture. A new gaming laptop. A leathermans, and keep talking about everything you're getting yourself with the MASSIVE TAX REFUND you got for getting to claim our daughter and get her EIC.. While... what? I sit here wondering how I am going to make ends meet...

Shut up. Just do it. Stop the treats. Stop the talk. Walk the walk and just do it. Because I have to process it and you going on so much about it for so long.

Stabs me so damn much inside.

I have to help him because of course if I don't 1.) he's here longer 2.) I'll never hear the end of it 3.) he'll become and general jerk to me and the kids, and 4.) No one else will....

----This entry ended when I had to run off to get EX from school. I'll write another entry on what happened AFTER all of that.----

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