02 February, 2011

Not a bad day.

I'm feeling a bit better, maybe a little out of sorts and tired, but better.
My sleep was pretty awful last night, I woke up a lot of times last night and it really pretty much sucked.

I got a car repair done today, which really improved my mood and was uplifting!
Had coffee! How could I resist a Frappucino? Yummy! <3

Got rent paid, got to go therapy today and JW gave me a pretty necklace!

Actually it was HER necklace, and she made it.
She brought up a story, about dealing with 'being in someone elses  business' about how she was sitting at her table making necklaces. Then said she made the one she was wearing and I had said "wow really?" she asked if I liked it and yeah I said I was going to ask if she'd made it because it was beautiful!

Now, before, in therapy she's mentioned that she likes to make necklaces but only as fun and she's not very good and sometimes she can spend hours working around with beads and still end up with nothing. I'd said to her, that, even just being able to spend hours before she came up with anything at all was still good. She was still talented and even just playing around to come up with something was indeed being crafty!

Anyway, after I said that, she reaches up and asked if I wanted it!?

So, I said "Oh no, I mean... wait... really? Thank you..wow"

Or really something very similar, because I was shocked. I didn't want her to think I wanted it or anything! "If you hadn't of made it... I was going to ask where you got it, because of how pretty it is" really.. I thought she either bought it or made it, just in case yanno? so I could look into getting one similar or something. >.>

Anyway, she says she really makes her necklaces and tends to only want to wear them once. Like how when you do artistic things somethings you just do it when you're really emotional and when it's all over with and done. It's done, you don't need it, it's all out. So you sell it, burn it, throw it away, store it someplace. Something like that, it's done, it's out, the emotions and whatever you needed to make it for.. are all done.

So, I'm wearing it now. I didn't wear it for the appointment, because I had my own on..and I wanted to touch at it, marvel at it.

She says she'll probably make a silver one next time and I said, yeah. That's a good idea, silver is pretty and I'm sure you could do something just as beautiful with it too.

In other news.. we'll be starting with Dialectical Behavior Therapy... I have to get a workbook though she did give me a print out of some stuff I can do as homework, plus another one about being only in my business and not being in anyone elses because if I was too busy in someone elses business who would take care of my own? Of course I have to be in my kids business to some extent.. So ... no absolute statement... yep..

Oh! Here's a picture of it! Sorry it's not the best, I took it with my cellphone.

Well, I'm going to go check in on school things, brush my teeth, maybe look into my homework that I need done for Friday... Not sure what else, I am kind of tired after all.

Have a good night!


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