24 February, 2011

A Blizzard Warning!? and.. the Turkey Gang.

Oh man oh man is it official that myself nor my kids are leaving this house tomorrow! There is a blizzard warning until noon with less than a quarter mile visibility at times expected.
Ummm... Nope. Not doing that jazz. -_-;;

If they don't close the schools on their own for this, I officially have to wonder about the people who makes the decisions on these things. You know?




Onto a happier thing? Have I ever mentioned the Turkey Gang from around here? I don't believe I have. Maybe I have. I don't know. I try not to read what I write, I let it come, and that's it. It helps me get the feelings/whatever out and then I feel better. Which, is what I need at times. Yes? Yes.

Anyway! Even if I have mentioned the Turkey Gang here, let me do so again. Last year, it was 8 Turkeys. At times they'd roam the street strutting their stuff like they owned the neighborhood. Totally awesome by the way, the kids loved seeing it and even I could stand by a window and watch because it's just one of those really neat things and I find myself equally as excited as the kids. ((hmm, wonder why?))

Anyway, they were gone for a bit but we heard them at times. We've started seeing them around again but their numbers have gone from 8 to 14. Woo! Go Turkeys! You survived Thanksgiving and have managed to  up your numbers. How cool are you?

One day, I'm not sure how recently, but it was a day with no snow and no rain and I was feeling good. I was driving back from someplace, and up ahead on the hill that then curves and turns into my cross street.. There were the Turkeys. Just standing there in the middle of the road, so I came up slowly. They stared at me for a bit some with their feathers all out all like 'What? You want somethin'?' Very attitude like. I think it's adorable from Turkey's from some reason. Probably because they're just so neat to see up close (In the safety of my van since I dunno if I'd get close to these guys otherwise?? I don't even know if they're wild or someones free roaming pets even. o.O) like that! I have to come to a complete and total stop before they even move enough for me to drive. I figured, hey. I'm stopped and they're here, why not whip out my phone and take a picture?

Yes, I love having a camera on my cell phone. Woo!

So here it is, the local Turkey Gang. :P

I figured, I'd post something a little lighter than my usual ... Um. I'm not even sure. I just go, like I said. What comes comes. >.> 

Perhaps I need to ahh... Start writing some positives at times? Maybe an entry of positives here and there when I am really out of it. To see if perhaps that can help me feel better?

I'm still scared of starting Cymbalta in the morning.
Yeah, it's 12:55AM and I'm still wide awake. I should have taken the trazadone, but.. feh. Right now, I am going to wait up for BF to get home, and talk with him some more and sleep eventually.

I started a new crafty project today. So I can sell them on etsy. Hmm, yeah. Maybe I'll have some luck with it. Then... yeah, maybe then I'll have a way to not worry about bills all so much? Who knows.. Who knows..

Also still worried about school..

But the Turkeys are neat huh?

I should show all the snow that's coming down right now. Holy monkeys...


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  1. I LOVE it! The turkeys are awesome! That made me smile so big! Thank you for that!
    Good luck with your new meds!