03 February, 2011

I feel...

Sick. Blech.

My ears are all stuffy feeling and I am hating this ringing with a burning passion.
I've been a bit grumpy today because my sleep has sucked and my appetite really isn't there so I just eat because I forget that I've eaten and I am eating way more than I want to eat. I'm never going to lose this last 23 pounds if I keep this crap up! Geez!

I feel a bit better on the Wellbutrin though, I'm still not really sure how much it is or isn't working. My head still feels a little off and I just feel tired. I think that's the sick partially. I couldn't even tell you.

I have energy, but hell if I want to do anything much with it, because I'll use it for a little and then I just feel plain exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch watching the oldest play a very old PS1 game on the PS2... Just laying there, and zzzzz she asks "mommy are you still awake?"

I said "no, I fell asleep why?"

"Oh, because you just smiled"

"Huh. Well, I have no idea. Sorry hon, I'm wasted."
No I don't mean on anything like drugs or alcohol. Geez last time I even had a drink (wine cooler) was one clear back in November. Yeah, awhile ago. It'll probably be awhile before I even have one, if I even have one. Heck right now I'd rather just coffee!

Or, well tomorrow I am going to blend up some cranberry juice with ice cubes and have a flipping slushy. That'll be nice.

Now if I can stop my sudden desire for crunchy things!

Ugh, most of my calories today were on chips (seriously, 600 calories on chips. Gross!)

I'm beating myself up over it entirely way too much.
I managed my homework but I am not really 100% sure I like what I did. Thankfully it's not due until the end of tomorrow so depending on feedback from the teacher/fellow students.... or my own insanely nitpicky desires I may just scrap it and do something entirely different!

*head desk*

I am just entirely over this week. Over the cold, because it's been too darn cold! I just want warm weather, sunshine with it, the kids to be able to run around outside and play in the sprinkler while I grill chicken and hot dogs and we do s'mores when we're done.

I really need to move down south where snow is a dream and something you see on TV again. I'm not meant for this area at all. Blah!



  1. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I know how that is. I am currently on day 3 of Tonsillitis. But about the ears, I have really bad ear problems, I'm deaf in my left ear because of it, lots of surgeries over the years. But one thing I know is when you have ringing in your ears, Tinitis,it can be made worse by caffiene, so try to reduce your intake and see if it helps, just a suggestion.
    I have been on Wellbutrin for almost a year now and it's done wonders for me, but it did take a little while to settle in so just hang in there.
    Wishing you the best, Take care. :)

  2. KelloKiki

    That's what I've read. I only have coffee maybe once or twice every couple of weeks. I haven't really noticed a difference in the loudness of my ear in relation to it. Though I've noticed it's absolutely worse when I'm feeling crummy and when I'm stressed. >.> Which is basically right now in a nutshell I suppose.

    I've heard that about the Wellbutrin too. I'm miserable right now, but that's also because of being sick on top of it I think. Though the kids are mostly over it (those who got it..) I'm just now getting it and like usual, the sickness is just going to drag with me and make life oh so fun! *not*

    Thanks for the well wishes! I'll do my best to take care. I'm awful at taking care of myself sometimes though.