09 February, 2011

Lazy Morning.

I didn't post yesterday because my sleep the night before was horrid. I was much too tired to get out decent thoughts and was actually not upset that BF got called into work because I went to bed at 9:20PM. Me?? The person who usually goes to sleep around/past midnight, went to bed at 9:20!

Of course, I took Tylenol PM to help me sleep. I slept until 2:15AM when I heard my son crying from a foot cramp. Which he gets when he's cold. Of course, at 5 1/2 he just wont come and get me so I can make it better. Nope, he has to cry and wake me up in the most unhappy way possible. *sigh* So I rubbed out his cramp, covered him back up (this wouldn't happen if he'd wear socks to bed. He knows this, I know this. He'll listen someday...) and laid back down. Took another 20 minutes to fall back asleep...

Said "fsk you" to my alarm at 7AM. I was going to wake up before the kids to take a shower before running the big girls to school. Said "meh" to my alarm at 7:30 for my meds (oops...) and didn't get out of bed until about 7:46. Well, not TOO late to take my meds... just a little past the usual time. Though roughly 24hrs since I took it yesterday. So.... it's okay?

The youngest two still appear to be sleeping. The EX is blissfully asleep in his room, so it's just me and myself getting a bit of peace. This. Is. Lovely.

I've checked class in peace, had breakfast in peace, gone to the bathroom in peace, and get to write a blog entry without fear of any interruption. Yay!

Yesterday was hellish tiredness wise. Like I was saying...
I had to go shopping for some groceries because we were out of far too much or REALLY close to being out of far too much. Of course I forgot a couple of things. But I was so damn tired that I just declared the shopping trip done and came home. *shrug*

The oldest did get her book report done yesterday, what grade she'll get on her rushed effort remains to be seen. *sigh* Friday she has to act out another book report for her main class... I wonder how that'll go for her? I keep having to correct myself. I say "We have a book report.. No wait.. YOU have your book report you need to act out on Friday. So you need to prepare today."

I need to realize that not really any of this is ME. The book report isn't MINE and I've got my own homework and things I must contend with and she has to take responsibility for this herself. Though that doesn't mean I can't push her a little along the way to make sure she DOES these things.... Right?
I have no idea.. -_-;

It's strange not feeling depressed. Though I am happy to report that I don't think I need the anxiety meds too much. Only when it's really bad. So I may just carry the bottle around with me just in case I am in a situation that I cannot control me nerves/anxiety at. That's probably the best idea for me. Right??

When I got  home from shopping with the youngest one yesterday, there was a package on my doorstep from Amazon.com... Yay! I know what it is, well VAGUELY... I know that it's my Valentines Day present from BF. But, I'm not allowed to open it until Monday.

Do you know how hard that is??? About as hard as having had my Christmas present wrapped up and waiting in my closet for that couple weeks in December before Christmas! Bloooooo...

I have no idea what that sound effect was for. I just randomly made it out loud, so I decided to include it in type.

I have an appointment today with JW again... Hmm. I wonder where our talk will go today?

Ahhh, I hear a young child's footsteps . Now who will it be? The boy one or the girl??

Ahhh! It seems it is both. Whisper Whisper little ones... I know you can hear my fingers flying over the keyboard.

And now.. I must run away and feed these two Breakfast, and deal with the unfortunate 5 1/2  year old boy-tude that's being thrown my way. >.<


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  1. It sounds like you are doing well and your medication routine is sorting out. About your anxiety meds,be careful with that, especially if you are changing your dose, sometimes it will take a few days for you to notice the effects of the change. So carrying them with you just in case is definitely a good idea.
    Take Care