31 May, 2011


I am going to get two wisdom teeth pulled. THANK GOODNESS because I need them out so badly.
I am not doing so great.
I'm sure everyone who has read lately can see that. Then again It's been coming. I think I need to actually change the title of my blog.
Actually, I believe I will..

From not on, from the shattered darkness is going to be called 'Walking on the Borderline' I think it works. It maybe has been used before? I have no idea, I don't really know too many bloggers. No one really knows me.

I think maybe I should change that.

I'll still be -Shattered though..


1 comment:

  1. Wisdom teeth hurt so much, I hope it all goes well for you and you feel better when it's all healed up. I had all my wisdom teeth pulled out at once and I was sore and sorry for about a week and then I felt heaps better with more room for my other teeth. Good luck with it all!