23 May, 2011

Just of stuff

The party went surprisingly well. Though one of my sisters and her two kids did not show, the two neighbor children (and their parents) did show, and so did my sister, her husband and her son. So all in all it went well as far as the youngest was concerned. We had a total of 7 kids (four being mine), and one kid that showed up just with her dad that we didn't know.. but we gave her cake, ice cream, and a goody bag anyway. She seemed to enjoy that.

My brother showed up too, and actually took the youngest out to pick out her gift while I went to pick up the cake. She enjoyed that, and he was so thrilled and amazed at how polite she was. She said 'yes please' and 'thank you' without hesitation or prompting. I smiled and said, 'well at least I know I am doing something right!'

She enjoyed each one of her presents. From the smallest ones to the biggest ones.

She got:

A rather large tote with outdoor toys from the neighbor kiddos
Three Princess Puzzles and an Aqua Pet 'Puku' (we actually have the original version of an Aqua Pet.. the one that is slightly more... phallic in design.. >.> the same Puku character too. Interestingly enough!) from my sister, her husband and her son
A littlest Pet Shop bunny with scooter from the oldest
A Hello Kitty purse from the EX
A DS Lite from me (a previously broken one from ebay, that I put in a Gold Zelda Tri-force case)
A DS Lite game meant for little girls from BF (this pissed the EX off, even though EX keeps whining that he's tired of giving video games as gifts, and he asked about a purse since she REALLY REALLY wanted one last year but he wouldn't so she threw a fit and he started more drama than she shit...)
a "Retro Style" candy dispenser that looks like a gumball machine but isn't and can put out any candy that'll fit through it's opening, and her choice of mixed candy of which for each she got to try she used the 'yes please' and 'thank you' <3

All in all, it went well aside from the EX.. Who spend the majority of the party hiding on his laptop using  McDonald's free WiFi playing the game Dungeon Fighter Online, or DFO. *sigh* It took two anxiety meds, but I managed the entire party and did just fine.

The cake you get from McDonalds was .. interesting looking. I'm very glad that she wanted something else and I got it from her from the Safeway bakery. It was sorta.. okay, pretty darn expensive but the kids loved it and she was thrilled.  So I gave the McDonalds cake to my brother so he could give it to his stoner friends.

He's still trying to convince me to go with him and his friends to the Hookah lounge and smoke. Hmmmm... No, I don't think so. Just doesn't seem like my scene and I really have no interest in discovering if I am into the drugs and 'darker side' of himself that he seems to be enjoying experiencing. I'd rather not go there, because.. well..1. I'd just rather not and 2. I don't want to get addicted to anything and all that.. >.> I could easily see myself landing in some addiction, and I do not want to do that in the slightest.

Anyway, so EX left McDonalds right after the youngest did her present, packed up and left, came back, pulled me 'aside' aka outside to his van to yell at me in his little delusion that I am trying to make BF daddy that's why I had him buy a video game and I pointed out that 1. He didn't want to get the youngest a DS lite for until she was 7, and I thought she would enjoy it and there are learning games. and 2. He keeps whining about getting the kids nothing but games, so when he asked what to get her and then suggested the purse I said it was a good idea because she REALLY wanted one and she REALLY loves it.  He kept telling me it was bullshit and was pacing and making me out to be the bad guy like I planned this all to piss him off.

I told him no, the only reason BF got her that game was because I was actually browsing amazon.com for a game for each her and my son because he's getting a DS lite from me (they're cheap if you buy them broken and they need only minor repairs.. >.>)  at the exact time that BF asked me what he could get the youngest and the son for their birthdays. So I said "Well, anything you think they'd like. But at the moment I am looking at these *linked games* because having a DS without a game is sort of useless" and that was that. There was not even a single thing about evil awful revenge and hurting EX or making BF Daddy or any such nonsense. It was cut, dry and simple.

Anyway, he was a douche the rest of the time, just stood there glaring at me and pouting like a teenager. Angry the drive home (next time, I just take my van and plan all this shit without him? most likely), then he dropped us off and ignored me the rest of the evening. At this point I have him blocked on msn for both of his lists just so I don't have to listen to more of him calling me the worst person in the entire universe because I didn't even take into consideration that the guy 'tired of only getting them video games' would be pissed that someone made sure her DS lite had a video game to be played with??? Okkkay..

That was after he picked a fight with my son. Yes, my 5 year old son was being picked into a fight by this guy 21 years older than him. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.. *sigh*

So that was rather mortifying because, well I tried to calmly diffuse the situation but it wasn't working, AND because my brother was there. Ugh. My brother and Sister did attest to him being a bit of a whiny jerk on facebook. Thankfully,I don't have him on my facebook. Not that he uses it anyway, but I don't want him on there. Or knowing about this.

I wish he'd stop being such a dick though, he expects near perfection from a 5 year old who's picked him his nasty habits! *sigh* One great thing will be that when BF moves here... EX will not be trying to spend so much time around and will hopefully back off. That will be nice, in a way, but at the same time I am hurt that he acts like this. I do my best to keep the peace and try my best to kill him with kindness. But I swear he likes to be miserable and likes to try and drag me down to his misery. I am fighting hard against it, but it is by far not an easy task.

Other than that..

Well not much else. I got a massive stress knot in my shoulder that made it hard to fall asleep, and then I woke up about two hours later and it was even worse. So I had to take a hot shower with the head on massage and then on regular to try and heat out the stress while I took a 1500mg dose of Tylenol just to help with the fact that it hurt all the way down to my finger nails. I haven't had a stress knot THAT bad since I was with the ex-husband.. *sigh*

Needless to say, despite enjoying yesterday, the EX really did a number on my head and my emotional state. I still enjoyed the party, and got along with the adults well (even though some are my siblings, I am afraid to spend time with adults..) so.. all in all a success.. and to think, all too soon I have to do that again as it'll be my boy's turn to celebrate and he'll be 6! Woah!

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  1. Birthdays can be stressful and it seems like you dealt with all this really well. Good for you. Your ex sounds like a pain in the ass, thank heaven you found someone new who is decent! I wish I knew why grown men have to act so immature sometimes...