10 May, 2011

Mothers Day woes

Breakfast was nice, though the EX was a bit of a jerk to my son. My son can be a giant PITA. I love him, but there are times where I just wish he had a 'good' switch instead of an 'argumentative, whiny, loud, inconsiderate' switch. Then I realize that he acts a lot like how he saw EX act over the years. :(


The kids had made me some presents, cards mostly, drawings too, the second daughter also painted a little flower pot for me and had seeds in a little envelope. This is the most I've been given on a Mothers Day I'll be perfectly honest.

Afterward I went and took a nap, while my son did too. He was a bit of a booger this morning since we woke up early to eat breakfast and all that.

I never finished this post, it's from Mothers Day, but I stopped writing it because EX came in and I didn't want him to see me writing so I closed it and just didn't go back. So whatever. Posting it now.


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