06 May, 2011

Phone calls and coffee.

There are very few people I am comfortable talking on the phone with. They're people I have known for long enough and have a certain comfort level with.
There are a total of TWO people who I have that comfort level with.

1.) The EX, because we pretty much talk every day. It's okay, because I do appreciate the adult contact and it's my connection with the world around here.. He works and is outside of the house pretty often, so that works for me... unless there's been a fight then there is that uncomfortable silence and I feel cut off from the entire universe.. Yes, even with the internet at large.

2.) BF, and that took longer to for me to get comfortable with, but I can now voice chat with him and talk with him on the phone. Happily too. Having a talk with him right before bed makes me feel safe despite our extreme distance (Boyfriend is Australian.. and thusly currently in Australia.), and I feel connected despite it. It helps me to sleep while I lay there talking to him snuggled up to his pajama shirt.

Though I still hate talking the majority of the time. I prefer to even talk with my own parents via text. In person conversations are even more awkward. I am still at that state with BF some times. Where I can't talk to him face to face so I have to do it over MSN messenger even though he's in the same room, or the same house. It's a bad habit, but it is something that became habit when I was with EX. We were together and even though we were sitting right there, one of the only ways to get his attention was talk to him that way. So.. it's a bad habit, but it's a current habit.

*sigh* Ah well, it is what it is and I will work my best to attempt to get over it. I actually managed to call the eye doctors because I missed the appointment to get the oldest her new glasses. We can't do it on Monday since she ends up having her special choir until 4:30 and they had only a 4:15 appointment. So Tuesday at 4:15 it is and she'll have her glasses. But I actually manage to be an adult about things and called for that.

As for coffee? Well, Starbucks has their Frappucino's half off between 3-5 for the next few days. Woo! So today, I treated the kids and I to coffee. Oh and EX too. Since he's treated me a few times lately. ... Thank you credit card for funding my little outing, and getting me gas. *gag* $3.71 a gallon, dear goodness it's crazy how much gas is. Anyone else remember back when it was $0.94 and thinking it was expensive when it was $1.20!! *sigh* I'd LOVE $1.20. But it is... what it is, and what else can I do about it?

I can't wait until summer, no more driving to school for the kids. Only the occasional drive to the store. I am going to have to limit my driving severely.

Anyway, .... I have no real point here. The youngest had one of those mysterious 24hr tummy bugs. My middle two had it over last weekend at their dad's house. So, it was strange. Originally, she just threw up in the toilet and didn't make a fuss. Went right back to bed. That's the kind of things she does. The second time she didn't make it so I woke up to whimpers and some crying. It was amazing I woke up to it considering I was drugged up on trazadone and that stuff puts me out for hours on end!

Of course it took me forever to fall back asleep and I woke up feeling so out of it I couldn't even see straight. EX drove the girls to school and I zoned out on the couch getting cute drawings from the youngest two and then sort of dozed while they played pretend as Pokemon downstairs in the playroom. Not too bad at all really.

*sigh* I'm still so tired, and I have a rather time consuming dinner planned for the evening. Oh well, I have to get the rice for it started because it takes an hour to soak after I wash it.



  1. I've always loved email and then texting because for some reason, it is as you say, easier than talking on the phone. I would rather talk in person than on the phone.

  2. I'm sorry you have such trouble talking. I am very fortunate that I can pretty much talk anywhere and my mum would say I can talk under water or wet cement, he he. I hope your little one gets better soon.

  3. On the phone can be very awkward. I definitely prefer in person where so much more can be gleaned in conversation with body language, facial expressions, etc. It's hard to gauge reactions and such on the phone (at least for me). *hugs*