07 May, 2011

Thinking back..

I used to try and care on Mothers Day, even when I was 10. I would work to make some money and I'd buy something to know she'd like. Eventually, I stopped doing much. Because there was such a distance and a lack of anything between my mother and I. Our relationship is half there, sometimes it's there, other times it is just not. We talk more online than we do in face. Then again I have difficulties talking to lots of people face to face. I can hardly order at places or look at the check out clerks.


Anyway, tomorrow we're going out for an early breakfast, for Mothers Day. Just the kids, the EX and I. We invited my Grandma but she said if she's actually feeling well enough tomorrow to leave the house, she'll probably only just end up going to church.

I had a point originally in writing this post, but now for the life of me!

I'm exhausted, I'm exhausted a lot lately. Seems no matter what I do I am just absolutely exhausted. What's wrong with that? Maybe I should attempt to get to bed earlier. Perhaps that'd be a good thing. I also realized I do not eat enough protein, my diet is.. crappy. I'll have to be more careful and attempt to find a multivitamin that isn't a giant horse pill that makes me wanna puke.

*yawn* I hope I get rest tomorrow and to take it easy after the breakfast. The idea of waking up at 7:25 tomorrow makes me want to cry. Even free breakfast makes me question if it's worth it.. o.O


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  1. Eek, I hate early mornings, haha!
    I don't look at check out clerks either... or anybody who addresses me in public, pretty much. Ah! Love it.