05 May, 2011

So with school.

It takes me a lot of emotional energy, and courage to call people. Even people I know.
I wont even call to order pizza. If I can't order it online, I wont order it. Period.
Sometimes, if I'm really pissed off about something I can call, but usually, I cannot call places. Yes, even school to talk about issues...

So anyway, I called and there was a no go on not taking summer quarter, it'd mess with my financial aid and I really want to avoid trouble as much as possible. What WAS possible though, was a work around. I get a 3 week 'summer vacation' right after I am done with my next class (Visual Indication, working with expensive ass markers and things). Okay, well that's not enough time for an unwind and refocus for me. So what we're doing is: Next quarter I am still going 1/2 time. But I am not taking a class in the first session of the quarter (quarters are broken in to two sessions at my school) and am instead taking two classes the second session.

So I'll still be part time, and there will be no issues with my financial aid, but I'll be taking 8 1/2 weeks of break and I think really that will be pretty great for me personally.
I emailed Dr. L about it, and am waiting to hear back what she thinks. Hopefully it's a good enough compromise for her too. I'm good with it, and it's only 5 1/2 weeks less than it would have been anyway. So... It should be okay. It's something. It's two month-ish to work on myself and issues and things and during that time every other week the oldest three will be staying with their dad for their summer visitation so I will have some mental downtime. Perhaps I can find something to put the youngest in for a few hours or something during the day so that I can have some actual to myself downtime without feeling disgustingly guilty..

I have absolutely no idea.

Enough for now,



  1. Sounds like a good plan of action, and a chance to regroup and reassess what's going on for you and your family. Sometimes a break is exactly what is needed.

  2. Glad you've been able to arrange a break for yourself, seems like you need some space and time to relax. What a lot you have on your plate!! Good luck with everything x By the way, I completely agree with you about making phone calls, I avoid them at all costs (even to friends). I HATE the telephone )-:

  3. I wonder if that's a BPD thing? haha. I absolutely HATE the phone... unless I'm texting.
    No phone calls from me >.<