04 May, 2011

I'm trying... I'm trying!

I improve my mood.
So I worked out today.
The weather is sunny, and while there is no real way I am walking first thing in the morning.. Well actually. Maybe once the weather is good we'll start doing the first thing in the morning walking to school too. That might be a good way to wake up. Walk to school at 8am. @_@
I used to be able to do things like that, really I did! But my elementary school started at 9:00.. even though I was a crossing guard during, 5th or was it 6th grade? 6th.. whatever. So I had to be there before that...

Anyway. Yes, perhaps I can do it. I don't know.

Anyway, so we're walking to school for my son to do his afternoon K.
On top of that, gas prices can kiss my ass. Almost $4 a gallon. Holy fark! So, I'm not driving unless I have no choice.
Anyway, we gotta get if we're going to get there in time.



  1. You can do it! I'm still hit and miss myself, but on the days I do walk, it works, but then we all know that. It's just all about how do you get the impetus to get up and go out into that sunny world. First thing in the morning, sounds good. You can do it!

  2. Keep it up! I know how tough it is and it takes *A LOT* of effort, strength, and courage to try, so congrats for making the effort! Now if I can only get myself to do the same... :) *hugs* Be well!