26 May, 2011


Another week with no therapy. I am at my wits end with myself. I am just.. frustrated in general really. I would have to say that I .. I don't even know anymore I guess.

I did get to meet with three of the four counselors for the kids. One wasn't there but will be next week. So three of the kids got to meet their counselors. Hopefully, it goes well. I told them my fears that my kids would become my siblings and I.
From there.. I don't know what else to do/say about things.

I'm tired today.

Discovered a leaky pipe under the hall bathroom sink. Goodness knows how long it has been leaky, but it'd flooded the floor a bit and smelled awful. The giant bag of cat food I had stored under there was a bit of a mess in the bottom. The bag was ruined, but it appears that none of the food was. Thankfully, I caught it ?!

I have a fan pointed at there right now and it appears to be drying out alright. Though the constant noise of a fan going is driving me crazy.

The kids are being terrors to each other right now.

I feel like I am failing no matter what.

Fuck it all..


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