02 January, 2011

The first day of 2011..

I actually wrote 'of 2010' oops.
I guess I'm still not past it yet!
I've always been like that! By that I mean it takes me a little bit of time to get into the habit of writing a new year.
My goodness!! How did 2010 pass so quickly? Yet not really? I can't believe I've been living in this place for a year. It feels like longer, yet at the same time shorter?

We had a good day today.Got the kids from the ex-husband, though had to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of two long haired little girls who did not see a proper hair brushing for a week. *gag* it was worst on the oldest, who required 30 minutes of work to get the tangles out of her hair. My poor baby. :( Still, I got her taken care of with minimal hair loss. *yuck* and sent her to bed with her hair done up in braids.

I told her from now on, when she is leaving to go with him. She'll wear braids, and take them down to brush them, and wash her hair, but make sure to get them back up. So at least THEN we wont have to repeat this... just like every other time. I figured she's getting older, but I still remember she is just in elementary school. You cannot really expect them to 100% remember to take care of things like that.

More so when the poor girl has my hair, thin and fair, but also slightly wavy and a bit temperamental! Blah!

Well it's over!
I'm so glad they're home! We went to the mall and let them play for a bit, then dropped the youngest three off at this place you can pay to watch the kids that has lots of toys and things. Then T, oldest, and I walked around. Well after I threw the oldests hair into a fashion so no one would see what a horrific mess her dad let it get in. *gag* I cannot believe he can't even keep something like that taken care of. I've spoken with him about it so many times! I hate being ignored...

Anyway, we went to a comic shop, a game shop, a clothes shop, and a toy shop. Didn't get anything. Just looked. It seems I'll have to take oldest and second oldest to game stop three times over the next month. So they can get shiny Pokemon for their Heart Gold and Soul Silver Pokemon games! They're excited! They will be getting Black and White too, well one will get Black version and the other White version. They like it this way.As one has her hearts set on one version, and the other the other. So there is no 'I want that one!' 'but I want it too!' arguments between them.

The two are very complimentary in the things they want sometimes, which is really great. I'm glad the two get along far better than my older sister ever got along with me. I pray they stay that way. I would die of a broken heart if oldest ever started treating second oldest the way my oldest sister treats me.

My kids are in the same birth order/pattern, as my siblings and I. With oldest sister, second sister, only brother, and then youngest sister. Though there is more age distance between myself, my brother, and my brother and our little sister. About 3 years for each. Where there is less between my second, my son, and my son and the youngest.

Still, I'm sincerely hoping that when they grow up they get along and love each other.I do not want them going through what I've gone through with my siblings. I want them close and to love each other. As much as they can...

After the mall, we had dinner at a buffet and it was... decent, the food was not my favorite and I regret not saying 'we should do a Chinese buffet' and saying just to do the 'American food' buffet. American food at buffets just, doesn't work so well for me. The only good thing is they usually have a decent dessert bar.Even all of that was lacking in goodness for me tonight. Perhaps I was just too tired?

Second oldest and only son fell asleep on the drive home. Everyone was quiet and a bit tired. We came home, watched an episode of a cartoon, then the kids played some Wii while I practiced some more with my Christmas pressie... then we got ready for bed and dealt with hair issues...

They're all sleeping right now of course. Snuggled in their beds downstairs.
I think it is likely that if I went downstairs to check, the youngest would even be up in the oldest ones bunk bed, sound asleep. Happy to finally have her big sister home again! She's missed them so much! I've missed them so much!

I'm not ready to get back into the grind of getting up so early in the morning to get them to school. I'm not happy that their elementary school starts 30 minutes earlier this year than it has before. I'm such a non-morning person that I hate it. :( Though it will be nice to have our 'routine' back in place again I suppose. Though I suspect some of my emotional stress was due to it...

Well, for now, I think that is all there really is worth talking about.
I hope the start of the year was good for everyone else too.


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