05 January, 2011

Today's appointment(s)

Today, I not only had my appointment with J.W but I had to get a tooth removed as well.
A molar none the less, that was in severe pain and causing me the troubles I talked about earlier.
Well, actually one dentist office told me it was two, and quoted me a price of $4000+ to root canal them and fix them. Or $500 to remove them both.

However, I knew a place that charged less to remove them. So off I went to there way too early this morning.
This place took an x-ray of the teeth in question, and said "We really only think it's this one tooth". So, I let them pull just that one. We'll give it about a week and see how the pain is doing, before I go in and get a partial denture made so I have something to fill the spot for that molar. So things don't shift around and cause problems and all that..

Anyway. Therapy with J.W went well. No major Drama.
I couldn't say to her "I like myself" or "I'm a nice person." Even though I do my best to be a nice person.
Nor could I say anything that could convince her that I am a MEAN person..
She also changed my homework, from writing a list of things I like about myself, to writing a list of positive things about myself..

I guess that's somewhat easier??
I'm allowed to 'ask for help too'. Like seeing what things people say about me and if I agree, or can see it too.. I can write them down on the list.

Let's see if I can manage this before next appointment?
For the next month, I'll continue to see her at Wednesdays at 4:00 P.M. Then I can change it later if I want, or just keep with the Wednesdays at 4:00 P.M... Hopefully, I can just stay with this day. Though I am not 100% sure if it'll keep working. I guess I will see..

I'm a bit medicated up right now. A bit too much to think straight enough to do feeling time.
Nor do I really feel out of control with my feelings right now.

Oh! Also! I have an appointment on Wednesday the 26th at 10:45 A.M where I will be looking into getting on medication to help with my problems.. Which is good..

Hmm... Sewing machine from BF showed up yesterday, and I opened it with oldest in the room. She says "why are you going to do with the old one", so I box it back in it's box (yeah, I still have it's original box. O.O) and put it on the table after saying. "Well the one I got you for Christmas ... it... really sucked so.." I nodded towards the box. She just looked at me all confused, so I raised an eyebrow and nod towards it again. "You're giving it to me?" she manages, and I smile and say "Yeah, but I'll have to teach you how to use it of course".

She gave me an excited hug and I felt good. I look forward to getting to teach her how to use a real, decent, sewing machine. :) I can't wait to see what kind of wonderful things she'll make.

For tonight, I really do think I'm done.
Hope everyone is okay.
Hope 2011 is treating you well..

Hopefully it treats me better.
It'd be nice if I could treat myself better.
Get my dental health all taken care of, my mental health, and my physical health too..

I'd really like to be all healthy, and happy. 

Hopefully, 2011 can bring me (and all of you) that as well.


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