15 January, 2011

Hey you!

Yeah you!
Stop being lazy already! Do something other than homework, housework, watching the kids play video games and cooking already.

Like, you know, do your feeling time? So you get out of the rut you allowed yourself to fall into?

Ho hum....
I really don't have much to write about. Kids woke up too earlier this morning than I would have liked. Really wish they wouldn't have been so loud. I wanted to sleep in even though I've read that you really shouldn't sleep in. In the end I got them to quiet down though. Opened the laptop, plugged in my headphones, and listened to some nice meditation music. That helped me to relax and fall back asleep.

I want to download/find more meditation mp3's to help me relax, and maybe do other things. I don't know if it even works too much. But I did find myself doing what was said would happen with that one. Visualizing things and getting creative ideas. It was an interesting effect, but it was also nice to just relax and listen to it.

I sent it to BF too, as it is said that it will also help with melatonin production...
He has sleeping problems. :(

I mean, my insomnia is getting better.. but his is worse. I feel awful that I just can't fix any of the problems he's having from here. I try though. I research and try and find anything he can do at home until he can get into a doctor. Which seems to be near impossible... around his area they just have a shortage of doctors and it appears that no one is ever accepting new patients. I have a hard time knowing that he can't find someone who can help him easily.

I'm getting distracted with things left and right at the moment. It makes it a bit impossible to actually write this and remember what point I had in the first place.

I'm happy the rain is getting the snow away.
I can see green grass on the front lawn. My deck/porch is not covered in snow. Actually there are only two small ice chunks now. Maybe I'll go out there and throw them so there will actually be none!

You know what? Maybe I should go eat lunch.
I've had one serving (1oz) of chips, and an energy drink today. I'm feeling jittery and rather unable to concentrate. Not a good feeling.


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