26 January, 2011


In a couple of hours, I go in to look into medication.
I had to cancel my counselling appointments with JW.
I cannot find a place for the payment every week to be put into my budget right this second.

Thankfully, it turns out my school offers counselling services 24/7/365. So I will be calling that later on this evening after the kids are in bed and seeing what all that involves and see if it'll help. Hopefully it does, and I don't know if it costs anything or if it's part of tuition that they just offer that service to everyone/anyone? There wasn't exactly a lot of information about it on the website. Still, I guess we shall see right?

I wonder if JW will notice and call to say anything? I did like getting to talk to her every week and she has helped me over the past month that I've been seeing her. I'm sad that I cannot afford to continue with her right now, considering I did find the entire process beneficial and all that.

I'm still feeling extremely worn down and just exhausted.
I believe I'm getting sick though so that is most likely a part of it.

I had a nice long voice chat with BF over messenger last night, which was nice considering I don't really get to hear his voice all that often. Yesterday he had the day off of work so we spent a fair bit of time talking.
Today, he works at his 6:45 AM and I feel so bad for him. I know that I would be practically dying if I had to wake up at 5:30 AM and get to work just to do what his job is. :( He's a much stronger person than me a lot of the time I swear it.

Well, I guess maybe I don't always need someone to talk to. Often, I feel better just getting to vent out/talk about any of my current frustrations right here.

Did I mention the ex dropped a total mindfsk on me over the past few days?
First he goes, over the weekend, that he probably wont be moving out until sometime early-mid March.

Which pushed away getting to see BF for my birthday, obviously that was a bit of a bummer.

Well come Monday afternoon, oh! Now he's leaving MID February.


Okay, END of February was the original plan. You know, when I had my tax refund and wasn't scrambling to make sure I was okay rent and bill and otherwise?!

Of course I wont have all the forms I need to file my taxes until after they're sent out. Which isn't going to be until around the 31st here. Needless to say, I'm a bit panicked. Since he paid for a fair bit of the pots and pans, they're all going (even though he doesn't really cook?) and the microwave as well. -_-;

So I've got to replace those, pretty much ASAP.
Hopefully I get my tax forms and things soon and that my taxes when I file them get accepted pretty much right away so I can get my refund ((yes, it's mostly EIC and all that... but I always find it helpful. Meh)) and be okay while I do the working on more stock for my store and getting things up there.

I've decided I might sell some of my things in the process.

Probably my DSi, because I'll be honest I maybe touch it once every six months or so. So it is KIND of a waste to have. The oldest two have their DS Lite's, and I have a DSi, but even the two games I have for it I've pretty much loaned the girls because I just don't play it. *shrug*

It'll help to get rid of it anyway, though I 'could' give it to one of the girls. They're good with what they've got to be honest and it's... why am I trying to justify it? The thing is going so I can pay on bills and I feel no real loss over it.

Well really I guess I feel like a loser that it has come to the point where I am parting with something of mine.

I should just be happy that it doesn't mean I have to part with my computer or my internet service. Without internet or a computer I'd be unable to work, or do school that I currently do. So yes, my computer and internet is a must have right now. Though I will be perfectly honest that I am most likely going to get rid of cable TV. It is a complete and total waste here considering that during any given week the kids watch more streaming Netflix shows/movies over the Wii than they do any show on cable. So, it's a good $30ish down the drain for absolutely no reason what so ever.

Okay okay, other than my desire for the occasional binge watching of TV cooking/cake shows late at night. Which if I'm only doing every few months, is STILL a waste. I could probably find something like that, or even full episodes online.

Sorry cable, I don't really need you either.

Well, yay for the therapy that is venting to a blog! I'm going to go take a shower and finally eat some breakfast. My appointment is in officially 1 hour 58 minutes. So I better get a hustle on the day!


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