17 June, 2011

Who saw it coming...?

That..yet.. AGAIN...

The dentist was closed.
Of course, I need to stop being afraid of the phone, so I can call and check the same day. But last I saw they'd be open after that one break and .. yeah.. No.

Anyway, to make the trip out there not completely a waste I visited one of my favorite Asian markets in the area. Granted my favorite one is clear over in Seattle (Uwajimaya, I love you so much.. I can't wait to go there again!), this one is better than not having one at all. Like where I live, the best you can get is pretty much from what little Asian sections certain grocery stores get now. Still, it IS better than when I was younger. You can often get both Strawberry and Chocolate types of Pocky from Wal-mart and other grocery stores. I tend to prefer more than just those two, even if Chocolate is a good regular standby.

I am a fairly big fan of Japanese food. Sushi, Yakisoba, Edamame, Okonomiyaki, various Japanese Pan (bread), various Japanese snacks, Japanese drinks (soda etc) and of course.. Japanese Cheesecake. *drools*

I got two little individual Japanese Cheesecakes today. They're packaged as "Cheese Mushi Cake," and although I probably should not admit to using part of my food budget on snacks.. I did indeed do so. I also got Calbee snowpea chips. They're delicious as well! I gave a bag to my second one, as well as a pack of Orange Hi-chew, and some  Hazelnut Yan-yan. Which actually isn't Japanese but still rather yummy..

Um... other than that. I am exhausted, I was up until 5 because I was having major panic issues. Then I got up at 8:20ish, and finally got around to getting a nap sometime around 2:30pm. Oi. It's been one of those days.

I am coffee'd up right now, so I best go work on my final and pray for the best!

Wednesday, I will be calling on Tuesday to see if the dentist will be open.. THEN I will be getting these darn teeth taken care of! >.>


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