15 June, 2011

Doctors appointments and things.

The kids are health wise 'perfect'. My youngest is taller than my son. She's 43.75 inches tall and weighs 40lbs 3.2oz. She's doing fine aside from that and she had to get four shots and she screamed bloody murder and stressed herself so hard that she has these little red spots around her eyes from the pressure.. and I was all "now people are going to think I hit her!" it really did look like someone could have hit her or something.. but she did just get it from crying too hard.

My son is 42.75 inches, and 38lbs 9.6oz. The doctor noticed that he really WAS all of the place and really just did not hold still and listen and she was getting a bit stressed just trying to do a basic yearly checkup on him! So we'll be discussing further what we can do for him on the 29th..

As for the crab, it IS sad.. I loved that little crab so much.. :(
I know, it's just a little fiddler crab, but I tried so hard to do right by him and keep him healthy and safe after how poorly they're treated at walmart and.. I don't know. It was thriving and things and I .. didn't expect it to happen. I cleaned his tank and the next day he's dead.. :(


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  1. I'm glad the kids are healthy.
    That is really sad about the crab, especially knowing he came from Walmart, where life probably never was too happy for him. It was like you rescued him and he didn't make it. I know I've had things like even plants that I've gotten attached to and been very sad when they die.