07 June, 2011


My sleep is all over the place. I can't tell if I am tired. So I end up being up so late that I end up with maybe two to five hours of sleep. I have no idea why is wrong with me.. Who knows...
So I have been working myself hard, but at the same time not hard enough. I have no idea what to say about that really. I got through two birthdays, thankfully I am done with birthdays aside from my son's party in a week and a half or so.. hmmm...

Oh, speaking of. Today my son is 6. I made cake balls for his class. I was crazy to try and make 50 cakeballs. I barely got them done in time to get there for their snack time. Still, most of the kids enjoyed them. But I have to say I wanted to die a little each time someone threw one they'd just bitten into away! They were... actually very good! I will likely make them again, but with less time crunch and I will most likely actually have the kids to help me. I think they'll like that.

It is a messy task.. but oh they were good.

They were Triple Chocolate Orange cake.. A Triple Chocolate cake mix, with a bit of Pure Orange Extract... then Chocolate frosting mixed in, which also had Orange Extract.  Then they were rolled into balls, chilled, and then coated with either  Orange flavored (with the extract..) vanilla Orange colored Wilton's Candy Melts.. Dark Chocolate Mint ones... or Milk Chocolate Orange (with extract..) ones.. >.> Obviously.. I needed more of the candy melts than I thought I did.. Or actually I think my problem was is that I did not actually melt the orange ones enough so they were thick thick... so their coating was worse..

They were better than my usual cookie balls. Which is an entire package of Oreo's, crushed to a fine powder, mixed with soft cream cheese.. and coated in.. all sorts of things. A mix of cocoa and powdered sugar is good, sprinkles are good, Andies mint chips melted are good, or various candy melts..

This after the 57 cupcakes I had to do last week. I have hardly had much to write about. I am just trying to get by day to day. After tomorrow. I will only have one and a half weeks left of school. Then my blessed vacation. Sadly, my grades for last week put me at a 95.5% A.. Yeah yeah.. complain why don't I...

*sigh* I have been trying to remember to say the words Dr. L told me to say..
My teeth are giving me lots of pain.
I've been having coffee basically ever day just to make it through. But I make sure it's not so late in the day. Usually well before dinner time. So it can't be what is keeping me up.

Anyway... I guess I really just have to take care of homework more. I've drawn it.. but I still... actually I am not even done drawing the darn thing. o.O;; I have been a bit slowed with mental fatigue and the kids seem relentless in their need of me lately.

Yes, stuff to do.

I hope everyone is doing well.
I need to catch up on my reading!


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  1. Maybe it's the pain from your teeth that keeps you from sleeping well. Gosh, you are an ambitious cook. I find it difficult to simply make brownies from a mix. Seriously, the cupcakes sound yummy.