26 June, 2011


It appears that when my lip was numb, I bit it. TWICE. In two different areas and it's still sore.

Good news, is that I am to the point in pain that tylenol actually helps with the pain! Thank goodness because I am all out of Vicodin, even if I did enjoy the Vicodin induced fog... >.>
It's hard to open my jaw, but I think that's because I pushed it and had no choice but to be awake and to try and eat some food too early because I ran out of pudding and didn't want only protein shakes. Okay okay, I obviously had a choice then. But I had a donut for breakfast because I squished it flat enough to get in my mouth which I can hardly open. :(

I have some stitches, I wonder if they're doing okay? Last time it fell off in a chunk, and it was only one of them and not in the same spot. I have two on each spot this time, ewww..

I did Therapy on Thursday. Again we couldn't find my file, I guess she gets all disorganized if I am not there for two weeks.. yeah I missed two weeks. I don't know why, a large part of me is afraid to go in there and get better. Even though I want to be better..

*sigh* I don't really have a point of this entry.... really I am feeling lonely though. It's been me and the youngest and the youngest got sick with the Flu and I've been all wonky because of pain killers and my mouth in general and.. yeah.. *sigh*  We've been a pair that's for sure.

Actually, yesterday, I was on pain killers and the EX took us grocery shopping. He didn't just want to take a list for me, so he had us go even though she's not feeling well and I couldn't walk straight.

Soooooo, I got to ride in the double cart with her! We didn't exceed the weight limit either since it's 200lbs and we were 5lbs away from it! Hahaha, it was awesome, though I got a fair bit of looks. >.>

I saw my aunt there, she works at the Deli.. and.. yeah ohh the EX bought me coffee and I ate it with a spoon because I can't use a straw yet. I miss using straws for things..

Okay, my mouth hurts, I should not have had that donut! I need to stick with soft foods for now it seems. >.<

I am going to go lay on the couch and watch Hello Kitty with the youngest while I hold an ice pack to my face.
Hopefully soon I'll have... something worth writing about.

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  1. Hopefully, the pain will be gone within a couple of days. The cart sounds like fun.