13 June, 2011


That is what I feel like doing.
I forgot my son had an appt this morning to get approved for Therapy. So far, two of the kids have gotten a doctors referral to be able to go... *sigh*

Which is good, they'll get 6 months each, and hopefully it'll help them some while I deal with all my stuff. It may not be the best idea ever. I don't know, hopefully it helps them in SOME way .. you know??

No word again from my mom on the dramatic stuff. I wonder if she cut it out because I asked her if I needed to talk to dad about it? She said she was just venting, and then changed the subject.. hmmmm.. Okies. Works for me!

The oldest woke up with her temp at only 99.4* F this AM... sadly, it is up to 101.1* F again.. :( Darn it. I was hopeful she'd be lucky and it'd stay away! So she's lounging on the other couch watching Inuyasha while I sit here on my laptop writing this up and generally being.. err.. boring? I dunno. Naw, I am not relaxing.

I implemented family rules today! We have 7 of them for now, but we'll likely make it up to 11 once we get used to these ones.
The rules are...

  1. Always tell the truth
  2. Treat each other nicely.
  3. No arguing with parents.
  4. Respect each other's property.
  5. Do what you are told the 1st time.
  6. Put away anything you take out.
  7. Look for ways to be kind and helpful.
Of course there are some things under certain rules. Treating each other nicely has added things. No yelling or screaming. No hitting, kicking, hurting. No mocking. Things like that.
Putting things away says under it that messes aren't fun for anyone. :(

Heh, hopefully it works.
I think I will need to implement rewards for my son, because he's the biggest part of the problem actually. I really think there is something underlying all of this. But so far, every year, the doctors are all 'he's just a boy, he's fine' blablabla..  I think there is something there to all the bratiness, the loudness, the fits, the defiance, there is just SOMETHING under him that is.. I just don't get it at all. The whining.. the.. everything.. The lack of making eye contact, always gogogogo, talks all the time, has his vocal volume WAY up. I dunno.. *sigh*

Tomorrow he has a general appointment. Yearly 'well child' type thing, so I am going to bring this up. See if there are dietary suggestions, supplement suggestions, anything I can get.. Even if that means it may resort to some kind of low dose medication for some kind of balance. Even if I hate that idea.. He and the oldest are who I am most concerned about when it comes to therapy though..


I had something entirely else in mind when it came to writing this.. but I don't remember it anymore. 
I guess this was important enough that it needed poured out instead of whatever else that was.. hmmm


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  1. That's good you did the rules for the kids. I think kids like the structure and it lets them know you care what they do. Also, I don't think the therapy can hurt them. If you guys don't like it, you can always stop.