12 June, 2011

I want to *plugs ears* LALALALALA!!!

Damn it. Of course my mom is dragging me into her stuff again. She texts, asks if I'm awake, I say yes, she tells me to comment on her Facebook status.. and.. low-and-behold dad is trying to do stuff again. She caught him. She's pissed, and now.. well.. of course I was dumb enough to ask what her somewhat vaguebooking status was about.. :(

Fucking.. hate this..
Right close to their anniversary.

Right when BF is working a lot and is gone so I am all.. AHHH

When the kids are sick.
When I am not feeling well..

Just in general... LALALALALA I want to ignore it. Why not talk to one of the other siblings about it? Because I'm the only one working to do anything to get better?

I have no idea, but I did not want to go there right now. I'm tempted to go throw my phone in my room or say I am going to bed.. or.. fuck who knows.. *sigh*

Go away damnit family drama. I don't want you anymore. I was starting to feel a bit better emotionally..

I am not.. going.. to..l let this.... do more than just frustrate me. For a little bit. I am going to have my frustration, and then get over it. I am not going to hurt, I am not going to cry. If .. things go bad between them.. There is nothing I can do, or say to fix it. This is not my business, this is not my problems, this is out of my control.. and it is, what it is.



  1. When my mum and dad separated, they put me in the middle all the time. I got so sick of it and in the end didn't talk to either of them for about six months. Now they still talk about each other to me but I refuse to allow them to put each other down or say mean things. It really does suck doesn't it? They should be old enough to sort it out themselves or go to a friend to help them, not their children. I hope you're okay!

  2. You really don't need this right now. Hopefully you can tell your mom to leave you out of it and get support from someone else. You have your own life and kids to worry about! Good luck xx