23 June, 2011


I got my teeth taken out!! Yesterday!!
Two of my wisdom teeth are gone and right now I am hardly able to see straight from the effects of the pain killers. I'm loopy as hell but I know I am going to feel great about it eventually. They're gone! They're gone!!
It took forever! I waited in the waiting room for a good 3 hours! Maybe actually a little more than that. Then they took some x-rays and the dentist was all 'well you know these need pulled' they were BAD.
I got to look at them! The top one was really easy, and they had to numb me up like freaky crazy! The bottom one was a PITA to get out, and one of the roots broke off so he had to wiggle it and dig it out and when they finally did I got to flip it off! >.>

Yes, childish of me but it was scary having him there having to dig it out and I wanted to cry.

They are SO good at this place. The assistant held my hand through the worst parts of it, and the dentist guy let my rest my head up against his stomach/chest area while he was trying to get them out and they were all calm and soothing about it. Because they know I have this extreme ass fear of needles and that I was pretty nervous. I mean, 3 hours gives you a lot of time sitting there to really get all nervous no matter how many lame ass magazines you try and read. @_@; I wasn't full out crying or anything, but I've got to admit all that cracking and moving and stretching out of your lips and the uncomfortable feelings suck. Really it's the crackle sound of the tooth being pulled that is just so intense, because your brain is all 'OH HEY WOMAN  YOUR BONE IS BREAKING HERE!!!!' and you're trying not to panic at that idea.


After that, I FINALLY got to eat something! >.> I didn't eat breakfast because I didn't want nerves to make me puke, and thus I didn't get lunch for awhile. I got some ice cream at Dairy Queen to take my meds with because I learned the hard way you DO NOT WANT TO WAIT to take meds as soon as you drive to the pharmacy you usually go to. Because once that numbing stuff starts to wear off, HOLY CRAP are you in pain! I look like someone beat me up and that they focused on the right side of my face!

I also went to Chinese with the EX and the youngest. I just had some rice in soup, and some noodles and the squishy tops of broccoli because 1. I was still mostly numb at that point so.. I thought I could get away with it. 2. Those are all soft enough to just swallow whole! and 3. I'd already taken a dose of pain killers so I didn't realize at first just how much that was going to hurt.

Since then though, I've been living off of pudding cups, and not even that many of them. Well right now I blended up some Boost extra protein chocolate powder with nonfat milk and ice cubes and put whipped cream on top and I am drinking it slowly. So I can get some protein and extra nutrients while I'm all beat up and everything.

I just wanted to finally get to say that I got it done! Yay!! 3rd times the charm it seems for these two. They're all gone! *does a little dance*

Oh and it only cost $205, and I had a 'carecredit' account so that all I had to do was put it on the card and i have 6 months of no interest and I think I'll be lucky enough to be able to just make payments and get it all paid off in that 6 months! YAY!

I am extremely tired again, so.. I'm gonna go pass back out.



  1. You were so brave--thank god it is done. I didn't like hearing the sound effects since I've got to get a molar pulled one of these days soon.
    You know if someone could invent something fun and exciting for adults in waiting rooms, they could make a fortune.
    Good for you for getting it done!

  2. Congratulations!! Freedom from sore teeth is something to celebrate. Good on you for being tough and facing the fear and pain.