11 June, 2011

Sick right after school is out

The Ex-H decided it was more important that he go down to California with his GF to get her kids than it was to has his weekend with his own kids. Hmmm... she can't fly with two kids on her own??

Oh well..

Two of the four kiddos are sick, one show signs that she may be getting there. So my week with them will end up being tending to them while sick instead of going on walks and doing things like that. Which sucks. I had challenged them. If they could walk the 3 miles to McDonalds with me, I would get them Happy Meals, let them play, and get them ice cream for when they were finished (we'd ride the free city bus back, but not there..)

Of course, that can't even happen with a Flu going on. I can't expose them to people like that, nor do I believe in forcing ill children to walk 3 miles just for a lunch. *sigh*

*sigh* If they are still sick over the next week, I don't even know what he is going to do considering he'll be having them in daycare 2-3 days of the week. o.O Daycare doesn't really take TOO kindly to sick children, he may have to end up handing over any sickies to me. Then again, does he want to expose his GF's kids to the flu? I have no idea..

BF's work keeps giving him extra hours. Okay okay okay.. no it's not 'keeps' it is... Well they gave him a long shift today. Which is great, because when he works on a Sunday he makes overtime. Which is great, because... we could use that towards getting him here in early/mid-dec for the wedding and for moving and all that jazz..

Umm... not much else to say. I am still trying to muck through this last week and a half of school. Gods I hope I can. I did better on my assignments this last week than I thought I would. That or the teacher has lower standards. Then again, and this may sound bitchy, considering what I've seen my classmates do sometimes.. it's a wonder how any of them are passing sometimes.. >.> I guess I have high standards, because I know my oldest can do better work than some of these people..

Speaking of her..

My goodness, why did she get so big?!
Seriously... her toes, her feet.. I was rubbing them today so she could fall asleep on the other couch (she's one of my sickies..) and... they're just.. SO big. Where did my little baby girl go? >.> I am not good with this kids aging stuff...

They're aging faster than I can..

It's.. intimidating and a bit scary.



  1. Hope the kiddos feel better! *hugs* :)

  2. They do grow so fast--enjoy them. I hope they get to feeling better soon.

  3. I hope they feel better soon. There's nothing worse than being a kid and being sick and not being able to do the things you would normally do. They do grow fast, my brother is 14 years younger than me and I can't believe he is 22 years old arealdy!!!