19 June, 2011

He's no good for me.

I notice any extra time around my ex is extremely stressful. Even just the little things. I panic attack more easily, I don't rest well that night, my stomach feels in knots, and in general things get miserable.

He was a jerk to my son the other day, and was kinda a PITA this morning. I had him come over so I could make him a Father's Day breakfast. And he ended up getting all pissy because for a second I was wrong on what his birthday was. For 1, he NEVER wanted to celebrate it, ever. So, we just tended to not really do much. For 2, I was off by two days and have actually dated someone with the date I said before I said "wait no, it's the 19th, sorry" got he got all pissy and left anyway. Blah.

Sorry dude, I  haven't been sleeping well and I woke up early on a SUNDAY to make you breakfast, and I did, french toast, scrambled eggs, 2lbs of bacon, and OJ.. I don't just do that for anyone on a Sunday. So.. yeah, sorry if my brain doesn't work right?

Anyway, I am trying to get over being upset, but yeah.. I realize I feel much better inside when I don't have to spend much time with him. *sigh*

Aside from that.. The oldest three children are gone for a week. So it's just the youngest and I..
I am finally off of school, but waiting for the grade from my final.

Other than that... I guess I'm okay.
Starting tomorrow I am going to start seriously working on my diet and exercising again!!

Wish me luck on that. @_@


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