04 June, 2011

I like it..

Yesterday, Friday, was the kids' school end of the year 'carnival'.

Mostly, we went, ate some pizza, drank a drink, ate some ice cream.. and then 3 outta the 4 kids got little squirt guns (there were two bins, you got one prize out of each.. just because.. o.O). So, we went outside and the three with water guns were off. The youngest went and chased around boys and really got them good!
The oldest two went around with their friends and played squirt guns. So that left me and my son, I just walked around while he did some things. Played a lassoing game, got his face painted, got some temporary tattoo's, tried to hula hoop, played with his giant balloon yo-yo thingy.. I am not sure what it's called really but yeah.. got his hair spray-colored pink, green, and orange. Stuff like that.

Somehow I managed just fine with two of my anxiety meds. It was just me, the kids and all those people. I didn't get freaked out or anything. It was... absolutely amazing I have to say.
I even didn't mind going to the bathroom while they all did their things. Which meant they were out there in the school playground and field area while I went inside the building. It was...
Well I am proud of myself for being able to relax in the situation.

The kids' school is actually really great. I managed the cupcakes, but the frosting that was actually colored ended up melting no matter what I did. :( Still, they're 2nd graders, and didn't care and thought they were good anyway! Thank goodness I am doing cakepop's for my son's class! Those will e easier to handle and I wont actually need 57 of them! @_@

Lets see, took it more or less easy today. Yesterday I was exhausted and slept off and on and didn't do my homework until late. Still, I got it done and that is what counts, and on time too!

We went and saw Kung-Fu Panda 2 today. I really did like this one better than the original, very nice. I smell a 3rd one coming on after the end of the movie, but we shall see.

Not feeling all in all so well today, mouth is bothering me a lot and really I hope that next week I can get these dang teeth taken care of

I can't believe summer break will be here soon. I am looking forward to 8 weeks with no homework at all. Absolutely fully looking forward to it!

At the same time not though.

Anyway, all in all... doing better than I was the last few weeks. It really is a nice change.

  1. I am a healthy and loving individual.
  2. I am worthy of happiness and love.
  3. I am intelligent and kind.
Those are three things that Dr. L wants me to repeat when I am feeling crummy, but I have been doing it even when not. So that I can get them into my mind and 'fake it until I make it.'

It will work, because, I am saying it is going to work. I will not let it NOT work.

I will get past this. I will beat this.
I will make it safely off this "Borderline" and I will be okay.



  1. It sounds like you are doing really well, even when faced with scary things. I like your list of three things about yourself and I am glad that you are repeating them to yourself, you deserve to feel those things.

  2. I truly believe that fake it til you make it can work. I like your affirmation statements. Keep it up and you'll get there Shattered. Well done coping with the carnival too!

  3. You sound so good! I just love summer--everyone seems happier and the warm simply feels good to my body. Those are great affirmations, and yes you can beat it!