24 April, 2011

Still waiting..

For my poor BF to get out of the hospital. It's 3:30 in the afternoon there and the doctor hasn't seen him yet. I'm going to guess Australian public hospitals just suck and are slow and that's why it's taking so long. :( Really, can you guys release him yet?

I want things back to as normal as possible. I'm not holding up well, he's going stir crazy, his room mate is a moaning, groaning, bitching, nurse harassing idiot..

I'm so absolutely fed up!

on top of that, today has been rather crappy..
Kids enjoyed themselves.. I guess. Too much drama, and dun wake me up at 7am on a Sunday. NEVER do it. Gah, I even warned them, we're not doing anything until 9 anyway, so PLEASE DO NOT WAKE ME UP.

Guess who woke me up?
Yeah, my son.
He has had massively terrible listening issues. ALL day long, I kid you not. I wanted to ship him off to the zoo or something it was just one of those days.

I'm a mix between sad at all this crap and just really pissed off..

Cymbalta  I think I fucking hate you.
I hope you mellow me out soon. Holy crap I just want something to go MY way for once damn!


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