26 April, 2011

Positivity - 3 things that went right today.

So, after drinking a "flavored malt beverage" which is only 3.2% alc. by volune btw.. at 11.2fl.. I don't even know what all that shit means. But I know it's hardly much in the way of alcohol goes. I decided to see what it says on the internet about Alcohol and Cymbalta.

Hmm, says not to drink. Oops. Well, one can't kill me right?
So anyway, I was at a depression forum that had the conversation on not drinking while on anti-depressants (okay, so I finished off that 4 pack quicker than usual,  but still 1 a week isn't going to kill me.. Right?).. So there was this thread (wow I am typing horribly right now, forgive me, I've never held my alcohol well!), and it was about positivity and three things that went well today.

So I decided, maybe I need to write some positivity, in here, every day and it will help me feel better about things? Yeah, let's see how that goes.
I see Dr. L tomorrow, I am not sure how I feel about it, but okay, we'll be okay. Right? At 2. Then I have that scary Disability mental status determination thing tomorrow too.. maybe I can manage to get my lazy ass into a shower. I haven't had one since Saturday, and then before that I think I hadn't had one since the Saturday before. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me there.. I just... I don't even know. *sigh*



-Got the mattress and boxspring (full size, heavy as!) out of the EX's old room. Got my sewing desk in there, and my little cubby shelf as well. Soon enough, this desk and computer will be in there, along with my sewing machine and the closet in there will house my sewing supplies and in stock things that I wish would sell because I desperately could use the money to pay for my supplies for my class that starts in two weeks. Ack.. there goes the positivity going bye bye..

Lets try that again!


- Got the Mattress and Boxspring moved! Got space to set up some things in the office, soon enough will not have my office and bedroom be one. WOO! On top of that, my son and youngest were super helpful in "pushing" the rear ends of both the box spring and mattress for me to get out the front door, off the front deck, and into the garage despite the garage door being stick in a partially opened position. They were awesome and I really appreciated them being so sweet to me.

- BF is out of the hospital, and went into work today. That's good that things are back to normal there.

- I didn't need my anxiety meds to shop today! I felt like I did, but I tried my best and made it through the Wal*Mart without them.

That last one was hard to think about, this is harder than I thought, but if I do it daily. It should get easier, right?


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  1. WalMart is not an easy task. I always end up nutting up in there. Couldn't they at least have a map of the place so you don't have to keep walking back and forth looking for the Brita pitchers.