22 April, 2011


BF had to return to the hospital last night, while it was feeling better (his leg..) the redness actually had spread. He couldn't even put a sock on it hurt so much after they checked him at the hospital. Just standing there to check into be seen was agony on him..

So they admitted him for at least two days, :( He's going to be in the hospital on Easter. :( Sure he wasn't going to be here, in person, but he doesn't even get to be home on a Holiday... though neither of us are particularly religious or anything. The idea sucks to me.

He's got IV antibiotics going strong, and they gave him a shot in the stomach of medicine meant to avoid blood clots. The entire thing had me so upset that I was up for 2 hours after he texted me and woke me up at 3:33AM. I don't mind that he woke me up. I do mind that the universe wont give him a break and his leg will just heal. My poor BF. I want to be there able to visit him in the hospital and hold his hand and tell him it'll be okay.

He's handling this so well, I'm a wreck! I'd gladly trade places with him even if that sounds a little crazy.. I'd rather hurt than have him hurt.. :(

I'm really moody today because of this, just so.. It's just..

Remember the episode of House where the lady died and it was from just a simple staph infection that the team didn't notice? Well BF has this big ass nasty infection and swollen leg and I'm afraid something is going to go wrong and my brain goes into this overdrive of everything that could possibly go wrong and I am not there to  just... if something happens I couldn't even.. get there and..

I don't know what to do with how sad this makes me really



  1. *gentle hugs*

    I hope your BF is okay. It's good that, although it's over easter, that he will be in hospital where he will be treated well. I also hope you will get through this okay.

  2. Sounds pretty scary, especially for you. Sometimes I think it is harder to love the one in pain than to be the one in pain.
    Only time can help you with this, time for your BF to heal.