06 April, 2011

People can be such pigs!

After taking my son to school this afternoon, the youngest and I swung up to the Dollar Tree.

Seriously, do people just go to store and be pigs? There was random stuff all over the place. Stuff where it shouldn't have been, and seriously I think people just let their kids pick up toys and throw them on the ground on the opposite end of the store.
You know what that means.. right?

Our trip to pick up a couple of things turned into an almost hour long adventure of the youngest cleaning up messes because she hates to see them left behind by 'people who were yucky at the store'. It's sweet and all, but seriously, how do these people just go on with their lives. Sure, the people who work there have jobs to do, but why the hell make them harder by leaving crap all over the place?! Why was their trashbags with the toys?! Kitchen utensils with the Easter Candy?!

Not to mention the various packages from toys that apparently got stolen. I was ready to repeatedly hit my head against the wall each time she noticed something someone else left behind. But at least I got a 'work out' with all those laps around the store.

I think people could gain more compassion for those who work retail if they'd all just go ahead and read the blog http://www.retailhellunderground.com/ which I do read. Both because it's amusing, and so I can be a better customer when I am out and about.


Other than that? Not much. I slept like crap last night. It was 5 AM before I managed to pass out. Go me.

I didn't have breakfast until 30 minutes ago. 2PM... 2PM! That's when I had breakfast for the day.

I want pizza, sex, chocolate, booze, a haircut, some more hair dye, and an actual physical copy of my book for class. I still loathe the digital books. Blarh!


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  1. I know what you mean -- people can be so disrespectful disregarding. I've worked in retail so I have additional appreciation of the subject. Oh, and I also dislike digital books. *hugs*