22 December, 2010


I'm shaking right now.
It took me 20 minutes to get up the nerves to walk 'next door'. It's not really even a 'next door' as it's the other duplex. We're attached by garage's but that's it actually. We have no common living space walls. So I'm not sure what to even call it.

Anyway, our neighbors are nice. We've played out in the snow with them, gone sledding, attended their son's birthday party (well it was out in our yard, since their yard has this giant tree in that makes it impossible to play there. I don't care either way. It's just grass, kids need a place to play.), things like that. They've been all around rather friendly. Which is nice. I've never really had neighbors like that before. I've felt we've always been a bit, invisible. Or I have been. I'm not really sure.

Okay, so.
I got dressed, okay out of my Pajamas finally. Well, technically it's half my pajamas and half BF's pajamas. I wear his pajama shirt, and my pajama pants. Since the pants that go with his shirt have this awkward drawstring and just feel strange around the waist.
Anyway, I'm digressing?

I got dressed, did my hair up somewhat decently. (I never know what to do with it, hm?)
Finally went to the kitchen to get the present I got them, weeks ago. Thank god I could just keep it in the fridge. Anyway. It took me a few minutes. I was nervous, but I finally 'braved the trek' from my front door to their front door. Knocked on the door.... and handed someone I didn't know the presents. Just edible stuff. Nothing overly grand or anything. Just, something. A little something for both of the kids (boy and a girl) and that was that.

I'm still shaky on the inside. Why is it so hard to give someone a gift like that? Just a "Merry Christmas, and thank you for being kind neighbors" type of thing? I don't want them to think I expect anything in return you know? Considering I planned this out and bought the things back in early October and delayed shipping so it'd get here early December. I just. Wanted to do something nice. "It would be nice", if I wasn't nervous over something like that. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they think there is something behind it that their isn't?

Oh darn! I noticed mail in the mail box but I didn't get it.
I have to go brave the cold weather again. :(

Write later. Probably after 'feeling time' this evening.

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