22 December, 2010

First appointment, and "Feeling time"

J. My counselor, therapist. Whatever.

Has given me homework.
I am to change my self talk. I need to change my "should"s, "have to"s, and "need to"s.
They should become "it would be nice if..."s instead.

I also need to have a "feeling time" daily.
For as long as I need it.
At a certain time very day I need to do it. A time where I don't attempt to stuff my feelings aside so that they're not spilling out all over the place when something crops up that I can't handle.

She wants me to do something, anything, during this time. Write, Draw, Paint, Sew, Sing, whatever helps get the feelings out. Okay. I am game. I will do my best.

No appointment yet to look into anything in regards to medication. I'd prefer a mood stabilizer to anti-depressant. Though right now, I will take improvement in ANYTHING over my current state.

I'll  most my "feeling time" results in my next post."

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