31 December, 2010


Headachey, and agitated.
Yeah, that is me in a nutshell this evening really.
I went to target, because they have their Christmas things on sale. Perhaps I shall go again a little later when they have more of it on a higher clearance. I got myself some Choxie chocolate at 50% off, (two boxes..), and something for the kids I have been promising for A YEAR!

Last year they got a train set, right?
Well when I wanted the train table last years as well, the one I wanted, was gone. All gone. Never to return to the store for the freaking YEAR!
So, it was on clearance today. I got one. Woo.

Should I have? Err, maybe not really. But I did anyway. Then BF and I got into an argument over a misunderstanding of what was said vs. what was meant vs. what was implied. Yet again I had issues getting myself something and just, of course getting the kids something even better and I almost didn't even get myself chocolate because... I don't know. I said "Whatever, I will get them. Though I know I will regret it either way." Of course, I regretted getting them. While regretting walking away made me get them in the first place! What the hell self? Just.. what the hells?
He pointed out "For gods sake K I'm a man, we don't know HOW to imply" Hah!
Well he read more into what I was saying over text, than what I meant.

So, that was lovely. I finally said I was done with the conversation. Though with less nice words than that!!

Anyway. I got that, youngest a pack of flashcards with addition because they have Princesses... Where only $1 and I promised her ages ago that yes, she could have some too after she wanted the oldest's multiplication flashcards as her own. Hmm, she's too young to be worrying about multiplication! she just wanted them because they are those darn Disney Princesses..

Anyway, I still have this massive annoying headache. Probably from my teeth that are bothering me. I took a dose of standard tylenol. I don't want to run out of vicodin quickly. So, I am trying not to use it unless I'm REALLY unable to stand it.

Only dentist I can afford right now, doesn't have any appointments until February. Even though BF has offered to pay for it. Ugh.. how pathetic. That's how I'm feeling, agitated, headached and pathetic!!

Well. I still haven't found anything to put on that list of things I like about me.
Bah. What DO you put on a list of that? Isn't it egotistical to write a list about what you like about yourself? It just seems like asking for it. Asking for someone to come and say something nasty about you. ... It's just easier to beat them to it. More so when they're just going to do it anyway...

That's... really about it right now.
Maybe the Tylenol is wearing off already? I don't know. Blah...

I forgot my Vitamin D.
I wonder if that would help any?

Who knows..

Played with my present more today.
I wonder if that sewing machine is shipped yet.
Wondering that makes me a rude inconsiderate brat.
I shouldn't ask either, I shouldn't wonder...

I should just have patience and be calm about it. Otherwise.. I'm ... rude... ugh.

I think I'll write again tomorrow. I'm not in the mood for this right now..


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