28 December, 2010


My energy was cut to next to nothing today.
It was one of those, struggle to get out of bed days.

I did get snuggle time with the youngest, then she sat around and watched some cartoons while I struggled with myself.

We had breakfast, and then sat around and watched cartoons for a couple of hours before she went off to play with some of her Christmas presents. I continued to watch cartoons and remained a bit useless. I didn't even have the energy to bother getting dressed until I was waiting for the pizza to show up because I was too blah to bother cooking.
Actually, that's only partially true. PizzaHut has their stuffed crust on sale, YUM! So I ordered that for dinner for the two of us. T made himself Nacho's. Though he could have had Pizza. Meh. I didn't feel like bothering with the drama of a fight that would happen over something so.... I don't know. Insanely pointless to fight over?

I did clean off my computer desk a little. It lives in a state of messy chaos, usually it's okay, but lately it's been bothering even me. That and I lost a Netflix disk I've had out for. Hmmm, three months now? I Never did finish the last season of LOST. I really, have to get that darn DVD returned. Not like I do much more than watch Netflix streaming over the Wii or on the computer anyway. Now... Where is that DVD?

Not sure I'm up to feeling time. Just a bit worn out really. Watching a show via Netflix and that's all I really feel like doing. Though maybe I should drag into a nice hot shower.. hmmmm. You know. Perhaps I can just do my feeling time there. Soak in the water, wash my hair, let it soak away some of the unbearable back pain I've been having.

Yeah. Perhaps that will perk  up my spirits a bit. I can cry into the water and T wont notice it and make commentary!

Sounds like a plan!

Tomorrow I have an appointment at 4:00 P.M. I'm kind of nervous about it to be honest. I'm not sure why. I should feel happy about it. Or something. Or maybe I am just unsure if it will actually do me any good in the long run and all of this is just some stupid waste of time and energy.

Then again, isn't that saying I'm not worth the time and energy?

Who knows. *sigh*
It appears I certainly do not!


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