17 March, 2011


I've been a bundle of irritable, bitchy nerves.
More so since my car decided to crap out Tuesday morning as I dropped the girls off at school.

Seems the alternator is dead, so I had to call the EX to come give me a jump. Took it to a shop, they wanted $500 for the repairs! Holy monkeys! >.<

Not happening. So I told them no after I got back home. We managed to charge the battery enough (we meaning EX and I) to make it from the shop back home. Where she died again.

Yesterday blessedly the EX had off of work, so anything I needed to do (which included a dentist appt for the middle daughter and only son..) I could do with his van and him.. We attempted to get the Alternator out ourselves.. but it's in there tight. My dad was going to come and help replace it yesterday, but he texted while I was in Therapy and I don't answer my phone during that time. So he went and took a nap before he had to go to do something else. So by then it was too late.

So he's on his way right now.

In general, I'm not doing too bad.

Ask me again in a week when BF leaves town. :( Wednesday I have to drive him to the airport. Well he COULD take a taxi, but I'd rather just drive him myself.. and get to say a better goodbye than not. You know?

It'll be a sad day..
I wont get Therapy either because, I'll have to do student conferences at the school for the oldest three.

School is... not.. going too bad.
I am just going to go 1/2 time next quarter too, because I feel that currently it's in my best interest. Yeah.. or something..

I dunno.. right now, I don't have much to say and I hardly really got anything of interest/worth talking about done in my appointment in Therapy..

Still.. it was worth going, even if I can just talk to her about what is stressing me out currently.. it takes a bit of the burden of life off my shoulders, and I could always use that.

I'll write later, probably later this evening.

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