06 March, 2011

Hmmm... bleehh.

Another year older as of yesterday. We didn't do a ton but it wasn't a bad day by far.
BF, the youngest and I went to Red Lobster for birthday dinner. I got shrimp and lobster and it was absolutely delicious! Got the youngest to eat some lobster and shrimp, she still doesn't like shrimp but she's taking to lobster a little which is great!

Some of the staff sang happy birthday to me and brought out a sundae, well some vanilla icecream with a little bit of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. BF and the youngest ate more of it than I did! ;)

All in all, it wasn't bad at all. Sort of a dramatic day with my brother's evil ex-wife, well not fully ex-wife yet but wife who left him causing drama. He texted me to come over ASAP because she was there taking things, she ended up leaving the second I got there. Then he called me later crying needing me to take the dog for a bit, then later texted that he didn't need me too. It was a little emotionally draining. I didn't mind it too much, but the back and fourth was the worst of it really. I'll help, just give me the chance to actually do it so I don't feel like I'm being pulled in a tug of war.. Okay?

BF and the youngest are off running a muck, okay okay not really, they were playing hide and seek when I woke up since he wanted to let me sleep in. Awww.. how sweet. Ahh.. .seems they're about to play a video game together. How nice. :)
I've been up for a bit now, catching up on emails I've gotten insane behind on, and facebook a little too. Lots of drama from the brother and his ex taking a lot of his things and threatening to come and take more. She took his applications for college, his deodorant, his peanut butter, I mean... seriously. This woman is petty! Then she gets off trying to tell him he owes her money. Dude! He took care of her lazy ass for far too many years to owe her a single freaking cent.

I hate that woman so much, hate hate hate.. *screams into a pillow*

*sigh* Aside from that..
let's see..
oh! I managed dinner out last night with the restaurant being extremely crowded and I didn't even need a single anxiety med! It was exciting and I am glad I made it through that! It felt really good! Talked to the waitress, managed to order my own food and even talk about the changes I wanted to the general dish without feeling that overwhelmed feeling and inability to speak up for myself! Even talked to the lady who was the server last time I was there even. Which is good.. look, I'm interacting with people without feeling like I need to curl over and die!... Woah... That's... actually.. something. You know? It really really is something..

I'm not sure what it is.. but I think it's a damn good thing!


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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear you had a good day, even if there was a little drama laced through it.