15 July, 2011


My throat is in agony. I am not sure if I have finally somehow got the strep that the kids had at the start of the summer/a bit ago..
Or.. if I am just.. Sick!
I am absolutely a bit confused on it.

Either way, I feel post nasal drip, and my voice is 'going the way of the dinosaurs'. My stomach doesn't hurt too much, but I should be on my monthly 'woman week'. Or, something, considering the spotting. I have no idea, I can't even tell.

It took me forever to feel tired enough to go to sleep considering my throat.
I used to suffer from strep often, actually I had it so much that I wanted my tonsils out, but had been told that I was 'too old', because I was 17 when I asked for it to be done again.

Of course, when I reported that to a doctor years later at 21, they looked at me like I had grown another head and said that if I persistantly get something wrong with my tonsils, being 21 was not 'too old' to have them removed, and therefore there was no way that 17 was.

Was the other doctor just lazy? I have no idea.

Either way, I was lucky that the kids slept in enough to not wake me until 10. Thankfully... today is a lazy day where there is nothing going on due to 1. I have to wait from 8am to 5pm at home anyway, since I decided to re-have my home-phone hooked up. And... since it was only $8 more a month to do so... have the cable put back on too. It means I can watch all my favorite baking/cake challenge type shows again.

I've decided, that my current job being a guide for the search company 'ChaCha' is just not paying enough. I can sit there for hours and maybe make $5. No, I can't do it.
So instead I will go back to my dread 'on the phone' job, where I only get paid for the minutes on the phone.. but.. if I end up actually talking for 30 minutes in one hour, I make $7.50 instead of working back to back with ChaCha and maybe making $1.50! Heck, I could easily work my usual 2-3 hours, and at $7.50 make $22.5 only actually talking to people for 90 minutes of that, instead of working almost back to back on ChaCha and maybe making $5

I just have to get over my complete loathing of how awful people can be when they're calling in to order various things off of infomercials. It will.. absolutely take a lot of mental strength and energy, but.. I am determined to do my best. I cannot keep going the way I am going. I am absolutely sick to my stomach with having so little money that I am hardly scraping by every month.

Wish me luck! Once school starts again come August 18th... my load of things to do will be amped.. up a bit. Still, if I can manage even an hour, even of I can only manage to make sure I make $15 a day.. It is FAR better... than what I am managing now!

Someone super sweet commented on my last post (actually two super sweet people did, but I am talking about this one specific one) and said she followed me and hoped that my followers went back up. Oddly enough? The number hasn't gone up, nor do I see their name on the list. o.O Maybe.. I haven't lost anyone, but blogger is just messing with my head.

Mean mean blogger!


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