22 July, 2011

Conversations while baking:

I was making cookies with the youngest, and while putting dough on one of the pans the following conversation took place.

Youngest: "Mommy where did you live when you were a little kid?"
Me: "California"
Youngest: "Oh! That's... Miles away!"
Me: "Yes, it is pretty far away..."
Youngest:"That means we couldn't see you!"
Me: "Well no, you weren't born yet."
Youngest: "Right! Because we were dead!"
Me: "Oh? So you decided to be born to me?"
Youngest:"Yes! I decided to come to you and be your cutest baby!"
Me: *tries not to laugh* "Oh really?"
Youngest:"Yeah! I was really cute when I was a baby!"
Me: "You're still cute now"
Youngest: "I'm beautiful too!"
Me: "Yes, yes you are."

Well, I know a certain someone with no current problems with her self esteem. :P

I wish I had her self esteem~!

In other news.. I am still in pain, and very close to being unable to pay bills. I'm stressed as hell about it.

So have no real words right now to cope...


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