05 July, 2011

A kick in the face

So today the Ex-h came to get the kids.
I told him about DS's ADHD diagnosis and he goes off about how he doesn't believe that ADHD exists and that all DS needs is more rules and more strictness. Basically, "If you're a bad boy, we're cutting your hair" because DS wants to grow his hair long enough to get a ponytail. So it's at an awkward stage and all that..

Then, THEN he says that before even thinking about drugs I should just make DS go live with him for a year, go to school there, basically uproot him from being with me.. and his three sisters so he can "learn how much he wants to be with you and them and how much he misses all of you".. Seriously?!

So.. he goes on and on and says some things about me and medication and my own issues and all of this jazz and how maybe it's just better if I give him custody of the oldest 3 until I am done with school and have a good job. You know in about 3-4 years. Say.. what??

Basically.. ADHD is BS. No meds, more harshness. Don't allow him to have something psychical but unharmful to anyone (long hair), if he can't be a "GOOD BOY" *sigh*

I'm upset like crazy.. I am just heart broken. I am just so hurt that.. basically he thinks that DS just sucks because I haven't given him enough discipline!! I mean.. what?! I've tried so hard to discipline DS right, I've tried the same things as the girls, I've tried different things as the girls, I've tried so many things and have met with lots and lots of frustration and heartache! I have been trying to handle all of this for years my absolute best like this. And he wants to say that it's NOT real!?? I mean.. what else is this? I'm just awful? My son needs ripped from me and his sisters, his hair needs hacked off, and he basically needs nothing but a chair and a bed and to be treated like he's in a boot camp or something?? 



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  1. I'm sorry to hear you have had to deal with this, I could only imagine how hurt and scared you must be feeling. I don't have any answers because I do not have children but I just wanted to say I am thinking of you.