28 July, 2011

Did you know??

I'm a bitch!
Yes, that is what the ex called me about 40 minutes ago.
Because I dared to spend an hour and a half at my brothers birthday dinner, and put my phone on silence so he wouldn't call me every 30 minutes! Of course, he did try and call, and was all sorts of bitch-tastic at me.

Okay. Sorry that I asked you to watch your kid solo for the first time since, yanno, April?
FFS. It's been over 3 months! Spend some time alone with her and stop being a douche.

Whatever. -_-;

Kids and I all had therapy today.
Funny enough, my therapy revolved mostly around my son, and working out what kind of things we can do to help him. That's okay, because a fair bit of stress in my life relates to the challenges of him.

Hopefully, all goes well for him and us.
Right now, all I can do is pray right?

The other day, err.. Wednesday. I got new medication to help me sleep. My doctor thinks that I may be far better off once I can actually sleep. So she's actually got me on a sleep medication. Yes... we shall see. We're giving me a month of taking it for a week, trying a couple days without, taking it for a week, and then trying a couple days without and praying that it resets my poor awful hardly existent ability to sleep!

Other than that.. hmmmm, I had absolutely no real desire to eat at my brother's birthday dinner. It was just mom and dad, my youngest sister, my brother, and myself. Today my brother is 24. My own brother is older than my BF. Hehehehe. Oops? I dunno, I really can't be too fussed about it personally. >.>

Well okay, sometimes I can be.

Anyway, I did eventually eat, and managed to feel too full to finish. That's a good thing. I have't really felt full in a bit.

I've just sorta been, no real desire to eat or do much else.

Eh who knows, we shall see how things go.

Other than that, I really gotta get the youngest to sleep!


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