31 August, 2011

Not much to say..

Tomorrow, by help of my BF, I get to finally get a root canal.
My tooth has made it hard to sleep, I wake up with the Ibuprofen wears off to take more and then pass back out in an Ibuprofen induced head-fog.. I wake up feeling like hell.
My brain still races at night, the sleep medication was no match for the racing of my brain nor the pain in my mouth.

My son started PSR yesterday. PSR being Psycho-social Rehabilitation.
Yet I am still considering perhaps he DOES need medication.

I do love him, but dear gods with his issues I hate the way he acts.. It's one of the worst parts of every day.
I dread school starting, but pray for it at the same time.
I am worried they're going to have so many problems with him that he'll be in the office or getting in trouble left and right.
Based solely off of all the problems he has here at home, and with his dad.

I still hate Cymbalta..
I cancelled an appointment about the sleep meds not working because I wanted to wait until  this tooth is taken care of and see if that improves my sleep at all.

I am going to be asked to get taken off of Cymbalta.
The only thing it does it make me less violent, and cry at less things.
Other than that.. I still have no energy, little interest, and overall meh for day to day and things in general.

Basically.. I'm still a mess, just not AS much of one.

That's not good enough.
I want some kind of.. I want something else.
I want more than this shit.
I don't even know..


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