09 August, 2011

Going Unnnnnnnnnnder...

I don't know, I freaking hate anti-depressants.
How do I know if they're working?
I feel 'the same' again. NOTHING feels very good. So what is that? Does that mean even the 60mg of Cymbalta is not enough?? I'm sick and tired of trying this shit.
Sick and mother fucking tired of giving my hopes into these damn medications and not feeling anything!!

I'm tired of anxiety, I'm tired of being miserable, I'm tired of being low energy, I'm tired of needing sleep medication but still feeling a bit dead and tired come the morning!!

It's... like.. NOTHING is changing!! UGH!
So, I am going to make a call and look into changing medications..
Yes... AGAIN. I will be changing, because this just isn't doing it's job, and I don't want to go maximum dose just to have it flatline and not work.

On top of that, I want to make an appointment to get in and have my thyroid levels checked. Even though I know that will involve a blood test, and I am not... looking forward to that, so.. whatever. I'll do what it takes to figure out if it's my thyroid, or if my brain really IS the problem!



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  1. I am having medication issues of my own lately. They really do suck. Mine are partly because I want off of lamictal because I can't afford it and my doc wants me to stay on it. Ugh! I hope you get you meds sorted out soon, there is is nothing more frustrating.